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Thank You For Your Interest In Coaches Training

Hi there!!

Thank you so much for your interest in the training. My only request prior to booking and hour with us is that you take the time to watch this video where you can get to know me a little bit, and also get to know HOW I select coaches for this training.

It is my belief and experience that coaches are an essential part of us moving forward as a human species.  Being able to safely self reflect in the listening of a being qualified to hold space for whatever needs to emerge is what the world needs!

You will find I am an empathic trainer, wholly focused on training coaches who are committed to The Ascension Path, are committed to a defined sobriety, and ready to fully embark on a life of service. It seems to me that anything shy of that leaves us disengaged prior to completion.

For this reason this application is thorough and includes access to The Lighthouse Teachings online as soon as you have booked a call with us. These teachings are the foundation of our practice as coaches.

The Coaching Program has a practicum component and those looking for official certification will need to provide examples of breakthrough coaching, and clients who report a release of burden, and a return to purpose based actions.

Coaches completing our program can be found serving Plant Medicine, working online, working as movement coaches, working with grief, addiction, sexual trauma and more. Our coaches are resilient, steadfast, and calm upon certification and are the leaders that will guide us back to paradise.

This course isn’t for the faint of Heart, and IS for those looking to serve in a major way. The entry into this process will set the course for the opening of a Coaching Practice, complete with business inquiry, soulful business development, and practice opening within 6 months time. Every participant will be in the business of creating transformation in their own lives, taking solid steps, and arriving at completion when is appropriate for them, their lifestyle, their application, and their background.

No two coaches are the same, that is why we love our work. You are the coach we need, we promise. It takes ALL KINDS of people to build a tribe equipped for the future we face together.