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Before I took Awake I didn’t understand why certain areas of my life were frustrating, not clicking, a daily grind.

What happened during the 21 days was that I finally had a framework to use in untangling the bits of my day to day that weren’t ideal. It wasn’t until I learned the 8 Truths in Awake that I could pinpoint an issue, look at it and then be able to find the action I needed to take to reconcile the problem.

I can’t tell you enough how choosing to do this course, and making the conscious effort to utilize the tools and coaching provided will benefit you. Now when I am faced with difficulty, I have a system that works to soothe, calm and shift my perspective, every single time! Dive in, you’ll be happy you chose Awake.


Before I signed up for Awake I was stumbling through life. I had been struggling with depression and other issues for most of my life, and as soon as I became “awake enough” to realize life maybe didn’t have to be such a huge struggle all the time, Charis’ Awake course popped up on my Facebook feed because a friend who had taken it was recommending it.

The course is a good mixture of ass-kicking reality and compassionate support, which I sorely needed. I was able to forgive my mother, which I never thought would be possible, see other people completely differently, and undo a lifetime of conditioning and stories I had been telling about myself. The entire Universe looks and feels different now. I am so thankful that Charis’ Facebook post showed up for me when I needed it. And also that I was willing to stick it out and do the work, which makes all the difference in how you experience Awake (how you do Awake is how you do life). This program can change your life, but it’s not for the faint of heart (which is why I recommend doing Heart Connect first).


I realized before Awake that I was settling into jobs that I didn’t enjoy and a place I didn’t love living in. It was a beautiful home, yet it felt empty.

I knew I needed to make changes, and I was fearful and doubtful of my capabilities. When I registered for Awake the direction became vividly clear, and I realized I had no choice but to follow the alignment of my heart. If I didn’t I would continue creating my own sadness and struggle. During Awake I received the $10,000 I needed to begin to fund my business.

Now, I am living in a place that I love. I have a beautiful loving partner, and I am self – employed beginning the start of my career.

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