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Hosting an Event

Every visionary will approach us with their own vision of what is possible. We are here to respond to the specific dilemma or target outcome of the groups who hire us.

Our care is customizable, highly effective, and very reputable as per our references.

Please consider a conversation with our founder, to see what is possible to transform what you would like transformed!

Our events are simple, powerful, and transformational. We invite you to book with us if you are looking to:
  • create a healing event that has impact at your retreat centre
  • add us to a line up of plant medicine practices for integration and breakthrough support
  • host a transformational circle for a specific purpose or to solve a particular problem, or to treat a crisis or group trauma
  • provide guidance at your place of business, address toxic group dynamic and create personal transformation that forwards group progress
  • clear specific matters, blocks, entanglements and illuminate blind spots.
  • support a friend or family member who is spiralling or needing compassionate intervention supports
  • create a family reunion and heal family wounds with our support
  • license our trainings for your healing practice
  • send clients who require “total” confidentiality and discretion (athletes, musicians, CEOs)