The Lighthouse Teachings – Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB


Transformation Training in CALGARY!!

Nov 9-11, 2019
Tuition: $333
(Cash, food, cooking, time, crafts, bring it)

Nov 9 – Awake – A study of 8 Simple Truths that keep us IN transformation (not drama, chaos, excuses & blame) so we can address outward conflict and internal collapse by getting ORIENTED to how human being works. An amazing day. Transformation guaranteed.

Nov 10 – Heart Connect – Let’s ELIMINATE fear, or at least the portion that keeps you SMALL, SCARED & SAFE. Let’s learn the distinction between the MIND & the HEART … and free the PAIN in the body. This course resolves MOST broken hearts … Leaving us with a belly of Purpose & new friends walking the HEART PATH.

Nov 11 – Purpose Popper. We aren’t done until EVERYONE has articulated their Purpose. We have it emerge once and for all here. What DRIVES you? What happens to your ENERGY when you EXPRESS your Purpose. Yes, Joy, Flow, Bliss …. All of it. This course TRANSFORMS AND MOTIVATES LIVES.

I’m excited to sit with you in CIRCLE.

Everyone is welcome. We have some seats sponsored by generous contributors – and if you can’t afford this training – Just communicate with me!!

Gathering in community around transformational conversations IS the healthcare of the future AND the past. I have developed a Community Healing Model that WORKS. Empathic Leaders wanted ♥