Our 3 Big Lies

Our 3 Big Lies

The course includes a week of VIDEOS and EXERCISES and an INQUIRY into our own THREE BIGGEST LIES in a Facebook Group, on your phone or laptop. No psychologists. No forced sharing or livestreaming. Just YOU and US, your JOURNAL, and your UNCOVERY.

No one can do this for you. This is The Work to do. Passively, fiercely, safely, and on your own time, which I recommend being NOW. We have brain patterns that LITERALLY exhaust us. We have cycles that DISABLE our gifts. We create and attract RELATIONSHIPS that don’t have our BEST LIVES in mind. We are CONSTANTLY distracted and getting less and less done. WHY?

It’s because of these 3 BIG LIES. Believe me now, believe me later. This is where to START and this is where to GO.


Facebook group link and e-transfer payment email will be emailed to you following registration.